Friday, December 02, 2005

High SchoolQuestions

So, I taught the 11-12th grade group this past weekend and we had a Q & A session. I thought the questions were pretty good, so I am going to put them on here.

1. What makes Christianity better than any other religion.

2. If you're born in another religion that's not Christian, how will you know if it's wrong?

3. Is it okay to date someone who isn't dating?

4. What kinda music can I listen to that isn't really bad?

5. If God is God than why would he allow so many different divisions of Christianity?

6. In the Bible somewhere it says, "I am the highest in the house of gods." Are there other gods?

7. Why are the French such A-holes?

8. I'm sick of liberal wackos and I don't know what to do.

9. Why do Christians get treated differently?

10. How do we really know if the type of church we're going to is really where God wants us? So many people, like Catholics/Buddhists think they're in the "right" place: what if we're not?

11. Why do people get pissed off when you have no intentions of pissing them off? It's like you didn't try to do anything.

12. After the flood, Noah's sons split off into separate areas. Yet our populace is a great size! Does this mean that I could technically be dating my sister or other relative? Please explain.

13. Why do people take God for granted?

14. I don't understand why any school can have other religions like Jewish in their school events, but when Christianity comes up it is kind of pushed off? (Such as singing in a concert, can sing about Hannacka but can't sing about Christmas...the church-state idea)

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Brian said...

These are awesome. So any answer about the french?