Friday, December 02, 2005

Possible Retreat T-Shirts

Well, we were thinking of having the theme of our Sr. Hi Winter Retreat be "Breathe". So I had Andy (our church's media/tech/whatever guru) come up with some t-shirt designs for the retreat and here is what he came up with.

I like them...they're a little silly...but I like them.

But our intern, Laura, hates it. She says no way. And it was vehement.

But it's funny because when Brad (our speaker for the weekend) and I talked last night, we realized that where we were headed originally is taking us further. And it's taken us to what it means to follow Christ as our rabbi. So, he's going to spend much of the time going into the life of a typical disciple, and then is going to bring it over into today. So we don't really have a theme, per se, but it might be something along the lines of "follow the rabbi" or "Who's your rabbi?" Here's a design that Andy spanked out...

Other Tag lines might be:

"Can your rabbi do this?"

"Is your daddy a rabbi?"

"Do you do what your rabbi does?"

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Brian said...

I think if Jesus had blonde hair, blue eyes and a baby blue sash it would probably look better. I love the walking on water thing.