Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Well, tonight our high school students are going to romp around York singing to some of the shut-ins of our church.

I'm pretty excited about this.

I've been praying about ways our group can be a blessing to the world. Thinking through how Leslie Newbigin describes what it means to be "chosen" and how he traces Abe's chosenness back to God's desire for Abe to a blessing to all nations. So at the heart of being chosen is being a blessing to those around us.

So, I believe our group is chosen. I believe God has chosen us to make the lives of people around us better. I believe that God in us will work through us to do that. I believe caroling is one way we can do this.

Another way we are doing this is through caring for an friend who is going through treatments for lymphoma. He doesn't go to church and we're not really pushing him to. We just want to be a blessing.

I believe that in blessing him, he will see the goodness of God and be attracted to Him. Maybe that means he will come to our church, or maybe he will start treating others the way we have treated him. I don't know.

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