Friday, December 16, 2005

My Parents

I love my parents. I think everybody should have parents like I do. I was thinking the other day that the best relationship a person can have with their parents is to know that they love you like crazy and to their best ability, but to also know that they aren't perfect.

I think two extremes in parenting are 1) parents who don't show their love for their kids and 2) parents who want their kids to think they are perfect.

I always knew my parents loved me.

I also knew that they didn't pretend to be perfect, but they did always intend to be better and to grow.

I love that about my parents.

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daveapplegate said...

i like parents too. i think that if you aren't right about the extremes, you're close at least. my 'rents just figured it out after i left the house.