Monday, January 09, 2006 be continued...

Well, we got back from our Sr. Hi Winter Retreat yesterday.

Probably the best I've ever been a part of. Definite sense of people wanting to continue in the steps of our Rabbi Jesus.

Brad, our speaker, spoke on what it means for us to be disciples of Rabbi Jesus. And the kids got it. In our small groups after the sermons, the students really seemed to be getting it and encouraging their friends to get it.

My prayer is that now the students will continue to get it. And that they will continue the story of Christ in their own lives.

Quick Highlights:

1. Great conversations in our small group.
2. The wrestling names: Papa Rupp and Turd Burglar being the funniest.
3. The hike to the top of some mountain with 16 students.
4. Tubing with Evan and pretending we were drinking latte's while on the tube.
5. Bryce's split ride down the slope, where he stuck out his legs and held them with his hands the whole way down.
6. The conversations with kids after some of the lessons.
7. Herb snoring all night. Kept me up to 5 on Friday.
8. The warm fuzzy line (place to put encouraging notes) was sagging because it had so much encouragement.
9. All the teens got along. No serious fights or squabbles. That was huge!

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