Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rome Pictures 1

Well, here starts the picture highlights of our trip...

Here's Aubrey at the "Major Port". This is apparently what greeted many of the people who came into Rome in it's heyday. A wall extends off of it that used to surround the city, but now only parts of it stand.
Okay, I knew that Catholics took Mary seriously, but I didn't know how seriously. Seriously, we saw Madonna con Bambino (Mary with Child) pictures everywhere. This one is just on the side of the street. Both of our hotels had pictures set into the wall... Whew, the cars were small. This was probably the smallest one we saw. Three wheels, plastic, as short as a moped and ready to roll.
Can you say "Fiat"! These were small cars everywhere...and we stayed right across from a dealership.There were large historic churches everywhere. This is the first one we came across. I forget the name, but it was beautiful...and huge.

Each church had a trove of beautiful art. This is the dove of the Spirit in the top of a cupola in the church pictured above. Aubrey really liked this one.

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