Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rome Pictures 4: St. Peter's Basilica

Here's Aubrey in front of the largest church in the world, St. Peter's Basilica. Our church could fit in the foyer of this place. Not only is it huge, its art is magnificent. Michealangelo's Pieta (Mary with dead Jesus) is in the front part of the church. And the dome (seen to the left of Aubrey's head) is breathtaking.
A cool view of the "square" from the cupola of the dome. Apparently Peter was killed somewhere in this square. I think it looks kinda like the pinchers of a beetle or Predator.
This is Aubrey on top of the cupola. As you can tell, she is enjoying it. And I thought this was cool: the shadow of the church over the city.
Around the square there were the stations of the cross. This is station number 7, Jesus Falls a Second Time.
And what's this? It's on the wall right outside the church. Is it a bee or is it a fly? And what's it doing on the wall. I didn't see any other reliefs like it.
I kissed St. Peter's toe. Because that's what you do.


Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures. It looks like some furry rodent has attached itself to your face... Nice beard though, really. It gives you a certain mountain man quality that I think we can all appreciate

No Hands

Tim & Danielle said...

Guy and Gal,
Awesome pics. Makes us miss our former home A LOT! Good words on your expressions . . . and yes, somethings are inexpressible via written text . . . but, you guys are doing a great job. I (Tim) really enjoy your blog. Can seem to get myself to expand, in great detail on my blogger site-- still have a fondness to my xanga site.
Anyway, thanks for the comment on our site . . . and about the book--
Glad you have recommended it. I have done the same. It's a great springboard for some fabulous conversational experiences. . . If you would like to dialoge more email me. I am totally open to good conversation.
Well, enjoy the never forgetting memories of one the greatest countries of all-- Viva Italia!
Ciao ragazzi,
Tim & D

Jessica said...

cool pictures...I just learned in my Western Heritage class that way back just before the Reformation, the Catholic church (I oughta remember which pope, but I don't)sold indulgences to pay for the building of St. Peter's Basilica. It's cool to see your pictures and see, hey that's part of history.

Josh said...

Yay, that's the sad part about all this. It was built with the money from all these people who thought they were buying freedom from purgatory and other things.

Actually, I think Martin Luther was a major St. Peter's Hater.

But it got me thinking about modern building campaigns. How can we guilt people into giving money so that we can build the biggest buildings ever? Maybe we can promise them a seat at Jesus' table in paradise, or even a seat at Teddy Roosevelt's table...