Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rome Pictures 2

More pictures from Rome!

Here's Aubrey in front of Constantine's Arch. That's the coliseum on the right. This arch was huge. It seems that the Romans loved the arch, because there were all sorts of arches everywhere.

Another arch...this is Tiberius' Arch. He had it built by some Jews to signify his victory over their rebellion. Some kind of punishment, huh? Having to build a monument signifying your own defeat.

And this is a picture of the courtyard of Vestal Virgins. The virgins (whom the Romans held in high esteem and did quite nasty things to them if they found out they weren't virgins) got to tend the ever burning fire in the Vestal Temple. If a virgin made it through life without being "violated" they would make a statue of her and put her in this courtyard. Those buildings in the background are part of Palantine Hill, where the emperors lived...the emperors had to "watch over" the virgins...

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