Monday, September 19, 2005

My Friend Dave

Well, I've got a friend. His name is Dave. He is currently serving with a mission organization in Europe. He's got great stories and he's a swell musician. He's using those talents to bring the good news/life to eastern european people. I like Dave. I think you should too. Check out his thoughts on myspace (


kylie said...

Hey Josh,

I really want you to know that I'm so thankful to have you & Aubrey as a part of my life. The two of you are so caring & always willing to listen, even if it's not the best or right time. Thanks for being so supportive & always saying just what I've needed to hear. You're a life saver!! really!!

talk soon.


Anonymous said...

Yo Josue,

That sacred space link is sweet. Thanks for putting that up. This is sam by the way. Keep it real yo.

daveapplegate said...

hey bro-
thanks for putting me up there. that picture doesn't make me feel like a moron at all. i'll read more of your stuff later. i like you.