Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jon Powers is Getting Married

Well, this weekend, my college roommate, Jon Powers is joining the ranks of marriagehood (if it can be described as a hood). I'm psyched to go to his wedding and hang with him and our friends from college. Aubrey and I are heading out tomorrow morning to drive to Cincinnati.

While we're over there, my friend Sam (a guy I talk to like every wednesday night with Nate...nothing like a little three way conversation...thank Bill Gates for technology), is going to drive up and we're going to have breakfast on Sunday. Really looking forward to that.

And after that, I'm flying down to St. Louis for DLC, an event which is supposed to help me in the planning of NYC for our district. It's also an event where my good friends, Brian Hull and Kevin Snow, will be attending. And I think there will be other cool people there. Can't wait!

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