Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Quick highlights from day...

1. Starbucks for breakfast again!

2. Walking to "work". We walked down to the convention center in the morning. I would love to live in a situation where I could just walk to my office. There's a cool connection to the community through that.

3. I remembered the ladies name who is from nebraska. It's Dynette. She won the iPod nano giveaway. I'm slightly jealous. I wanted to give it to Aubs, since I have a mini. But I think Dynette totally deserves it. She's so great.

4. I met some more people who know my parents. It's cool to have parents who have made an impact on different lives. it's like they've created ripples that have come back to hit me in unlikely ways. I hope my life creates ripples like theirs did and does.

5. We toured the possible hotels for NYC. Whew, that was a lot of walking. It's a tough decision. we'd like to be close to the convention center, but we'd also like nice sized rooms and a hotel that can accomodate us.

6. Morning seminar on life through the lens of a Jewish mindset by Darren Ojeda. He is a bivocational pastor who works in a Jewish Orthodox Synagogue and has developed some really quality relationships with the Jews there. From those relationships, he has found a deeper walk with the Messiah, and a deeper understanding of who God is (God is what God does...Jewish thought is always functional and practical).

7. Lunch with Darren and friends from the region. Stretch, Kevin, Terry, Adam and more went to lunch at some local pub. it was a good time to talk.

8. Got to talk with Aubrey for a little bit. Boy I miss being with her. I can't wait to be home.

9. Another midnight "emergent" conversation. (Funny, we almost went to a "Hooters" like place, without knowing what it was, but once we went in and saw how the ladies dressed, we walked out.) We focused on the detriments of thinking of our faith as a "personal relationship", and about how we can move from individual focus, to world wide was just great. we added 3 more guys to the was Brian, Kevin, me, Bryce, James, Joel, Kyle, Scott and Mike. Everybody but me, Brian and Kevin were from Ohio. Craziness.

10. Dave Curtiss' encouragement that we are in the movement of the Messiah, bringing hope and restoration to our world!

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Brian said...

Thanks for some great conversations. I think it's always funny how different people engage the conversation. Some just listen and comment only when they are really mad or have hit a passion. Some talk a lot and process through their dialogue. Some talk a lot because they must be right. Some sit in quiet judgement. Some try to listen and share.

Even funnier... I find myself doing all of these from time to time.