Monday, September 12, 2005


Well, DLC started today. Kevin got in yesterday and we went to Union Station (a place where Aubrey and I stayed on our honeymoon roadtrip). Then this morning we went down to Starbucks and chilled for a while.

We had to cool opportunity to set up the atmospheric stuff for the evening. We got to cajole the hotel management into letting us borrow 300 pound marble coffee tables. We also persuaded them to let us use the sham pillows for altar kneelers. I think our little area looks rather sweet. We're going to set up a computer station where people can follow online labrynth's, sacred space, power point picture slides. That should be cool. I've been searching the net for pictures of Jesus to use in the slide. I'll put them on my next post.

Met some people from Nebraska and Missouri tonight. Dennis, (pulling a blank), Mona and Mark (from Mizzou). Pulling a blank is a lady working as a pastor. She says that the percentage of woman Nazarene pastor's is %20. Not bad, but only 60 of those are actually head pastor's. The rest serve in support roles. Anyway, I am impressed by her courage and love for the people out there, even though she recieves flak for being a woman pastor.

The worship segment tonight was pretty cool. Mark (something) spoke about vulnerability with each other, and about how all of us compare ourselves to each other, and how that is not the heart of Christ. Then the worship leader led us in songs he had written, which were all very insightful. My favorite part was when we were singing, "Less of me and more of you" to God, and the director told us to sing it to each other. That was awqward, but neat.

We can see the arch from our window. We're like the closest hotel to the arch.

Well, I'm gonna head to bed.

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