Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cynicism Refound

Well, it happened.

I got on the plane to get to St. Louis and the first words from my passenger friend were cynical remarks and included the word "stupid".

It goes with what Hornby said in his book...cynicism is the common language...


Amber said...

Hi. I don't really know who you are,it's just some silly girl who is on holiday and has nothing better to do. Just to tell you I enjoyed browsing through your blog. And I resonate with your journey to sense again the pulse of the divine in the mundane. I guess I am on that journey of seeking transcendance amongst immanence as well. Have fun, and may your eyes be wide open to catch hold of faith, hope and love in the everyday.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Josh! This is Dad. Cool stuff on your blog. Great words from Dave Curtiss! I'm trusting that a higher percentage of the teens involved in our ministry are still involved in church. Mona, the gal from MO, has a sister named Lisa (I'm not kidding). She is a super lady. How I would love to be there with you! In my mind, I'm a fly on the wall, traveling with you (and hopefully not being eaten by a gecko or swatted wtih a newspaper). Love you, buddy! You are a good man!