Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Summoned to Lead-Chapter 5

Well, Sweet has certainly learned the power of repitition. He goes over the idea of being humble and having confidence, of listening to others...he gives more sound facts...

But other than that, I think there were some quality points in this chapter.

1. Difference between skulls and ears. Skulls think they have it down. Ears are ready to grow and learn more.

2. We can complain about the past systems and their failures, or we can move on and adjust to current problems/issues. this is big for me, because it's easy for me to nit-pick and not try to improve the overall scenario.

3. "The Jesus School is not a school we graduate from quickly." There's always room for growth, always room for change and adjustments.

4. Tips for listening (finding direction?) better: My two favorite were detox and play. Important to have times to stop and sift through the sounds that have been banging into us. And it's important to have fun and ask stupid questions. I love stupid questions.

5. Three types of stories with a group. Tradition stories, vision stories and map stories. Tradition says where we've come from. Vision says where we're going. Map says how we'll get there. this is helpful for me in thinking of how I can convey the story of Jesus to the students and youth leaders.

So here are my questions to Len Sweet after this...
Can you be a learner and not really learn? Meaning, can you consume yourself with learning and then become consumed with learning and not living?

How do you determine what it is you need to learn? this may be a stupid question...

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Brian said...

I also love the three different types of stories thing. I wonder how many of those I actually use?

I also love llamas and find them far more fascinating to date than this particular book. If you haven't read Tom's post yet, you have to!