Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Worry or Expectancy

I wonder if the opposite of worry is expectancy. I'm sure somebody has written this somewhere, but it seems to me that worry just fills the person with fear of what lies around the corner. It consumes the person, drawing them into a cycle of "Oh no, what's going to happen next?".

But expectancy (maybe there is a better word for this) looks forward to what God is going to do. It trusts. It believes that God is a good God and will take care of Her beloved. Expectancy wants to see how God is going to make a difference and how God is going to affect the future.

While worry pines in the corner, expectancy prepares for the future.


Brian said...

Ah, don't worry about it...

Seriously, I think there is something here that has to do with fear. Fear is at the heart of worry and hope is at the heart of expectation. There are some interesting passages regarding love and fear in Scripture. Might be worth studying a bit (in particular 1 John!). you da man

Isabell said...

I heard it said many times before, that worry and fear our the exact opposites of faith and trust.