Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Well, Aubrey and I have been in a whirlwind of activities these past couple of weeks.

For starters, we have decided to move closer to York. Aubrey resigned from Messiah, and we are moving to York, from where she will travel to Shippensburg to be a full time grad student. She got an assistantship, so we don't have to pay anything for her to go to school (She's a smart lady...I always tell people that I married up...).

Anyway, we've been packing all of our stuff and making arrangements....

And in the middle of it all, my sister, Sue graduated from Mt. Vernon Nazarene University on Saturday. Woohoo!!! Way to go Sue! I am so proud of her. She graduated with her class, despite major changes through it all. She is a strong woman and I'm glad she's my sister.

Besides seeing her graduate, we got to hang with my family. Uncle Dan, Uncle Jay, Aunt Beth, Aunt Becky, Uncle Randy, Aunt Nancy, Nana, Mom and Dad, Jake, Lydia, Natalie (David...her boyfriend)...were all there. It was great to see them...It's hard not being closer to them...I wish we weren't so spread out.

And next week we are going on vacation with my family someplace in VA. It will be nice to relax, play some rook, read some books, and be with familia.

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