Monday, May 16, 2005

8th Grade Excursion

We just got back from our annual 8th Grade Excursion, where we take the uprising freshmen on a "rites of passage" camping trip to work through the thrills and transitions of adolescence and high school life. This year was great! The students were fantastic and had excellent attitudes the whole weekend, even with the insane thunderstorm on Saturday night.

The small group conversations were my favorite part, because it was cool to watch the guys open up and encourage each other. But we also had a blast singing silly songs (Baby Shark, Little Cabin, Frog Song, Little Red Wagon, Morning Bird Song, Rise and Shine and Shut Up!,...)

My favorite Scenes

Daniel -Racoon Dancer and Fancy Stick Maker
Katie -Ever Encourager (Racoon stole her jacket for her trail mix)
Whitney -"Jeremy, help. The Racoon is on the table." and champion wood hunter
Abby -The Persevering and Crazy Swimmer (even though extremities were extremely cold) and resident smiler
Theresa -the enduring hiker
Abbey -1st female swimmer (Devon pursuer)
Jeremy -the "toothpaste oreo" eater (the hygenic dessert)
Cody -1st Student to brave the chilly waters
Anthony-Chicken Nugget and always helpful
Cassi -toilet stander on-er
Jelee-Always using Cassi as her seat
Amanda -crazy song leader and initiator
Bonnie -food coordinator and van sleep-er in-er and camera thief
Samantha -champion wood hunter
Holly -toothpaste oreo originator and pancake maker
Michelle -master fire/smoke maker
Leah -master of capture the flag (she's fast) and trail blazer
Trudy -resident photographer and blackmailer
Megan -ever cheery spirit


IZZY said...

Baby Shark I know and Little Red wagon I know. But what of these others of wich you spoke?

Josh said...

You'll have to ask the ladies when they come up to the sr. hi. Hopefully they'll bring the songs with them.