Sunday, April 22, 2007

Warm Weather and Beautiful Baby

Cadence in one of her fav positions, flying around.
Yes, she smiles like crazy. This is our favorite kind of smile, reminiscent of the wassup commercials but rarely caught on camera, because the red-eye reduction flash freaks her out.
Before the bath (a dangerous position for dad, with the risks of urine or stool samples flying on his arm)
And how cool is this baby with glasses! Check out her googly eyes!


Brian said...

Awesome pics!! We'd love to see you all (but especially baby Cadance).

Sam said...

Dude. The beard is gone. What the deuce?

Josh said...

Um. The beard was shorn a week ago. In my attempt to shave my upper lip, I went to close to the skin, creating an Abe Lincoln look that did not appeal. So I took it all off to invite the warm weather.

Tim Miller said...

Life Rule # 147: Naked babies need zerberts on the belly.

Josh said...

Oh, that rule is definitely moving up the list. Zerberts galore my friend.