Thursday, April 05, 2007

Children of Men

A movie worth watching.

The movie takes place in a world torn apart by greed and lack of hope. The world is haunted by the reality that no children have been born for 18 years. It is a world with no future.
There is a scene in this movie that I will remember forever. As a battle is a raging between British officials and a rebel group, the cry of a baby is heard in the middle of the explosions and screams of the injured. And something mystical happens. The residents hiding in their rooms, protecting themselves from the random bullets straffing through their building, begin to poke their heads out into the hallway, reaching out to touch the baby as her mother and Clive Owen walk by. The sergeant leading the charge into the building changes his commands from "Charge in" to "Cease Fire". As he yells "Cease Fire", you hear his followers echoing his command throughout the building. "Cease Fire". The soldiers put up their weapons. Some cross themselves. All are amazed. All are taken with the newness. Everything stops.
This stopping. This cease fire. There is something in the newness of the baby. In the middle of the fray of the battle.
There was an earthquake two thousand years ago. An opening of a tomb. A surge of hope.


Tim Miller said...

So is Clive Owen sexy? "People" seem to think so.

Jordan said...

he is sexy until you watch Closer, than he is just kinda of creepy.

Tim Miller said...

Creepy is probably closer to how I thought he looked in the Bourne Identity.

brad said...

josh, thought it was incredible as well. i've heard it's not true to the book. but not having read it, that doesn't bother me at all. i cried.

Josh said...

yeah, i've heard the same about the book. But it was a good film. The author gave it up to be used as a movie.

i cried a bit too. watched it near the anniversary of our miscarriage, so it carried a lot of weight.

Josh said...

I actually didn't know that he was in bourne identity. then i looked it up and connected it.


Tim Miller said...

Sorry, I don't think I knew yall had a miscarriage. We had one too. It still hurts around Christmastime...But the kids we do have are like little joy bombs constantly exploding. I'm sure you agree. Israel started babbling dada today for the first time. Anywhoo, clive owen.