Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Love so amazing
so divine

Demands my soul

my life

my all

These words have been running through my head today.


brad said...

good words to have in your head.

good in your heart too:)

Tim Miller said...

Interesting coincidence. I just so happen to have had both 1.) sung this over Gabe the last two nights and 2.) been figuring out how to play the lead and rhythm parts simultaneously fingerstyle on the friendly C.F. Martin the past two days. It sounds better than it did, but not like it should. Must. Practice. Good on ya 'ol Isaac Watts, and good on ya 'ol Kleinfelder Haus.

Brian said...

Those words have been pounding in my heart as well. It's almost like someone else is at work here?!?!

Josh said...

My sister tells me that she was singing the song earlier too.


Did you figure out the lead and rhythm parts, Tim?

Another song that goes with this is David Crowder's Wholly Yours.

Tim Miller said...

Yeah. I got it down and used it as mood music during the Lord's Supper today. Good times. Good God.