Monday, March 05, 2007

Before I die...

In a paper for my pastoral counseling class at NTS I was asked how I will evaluate success in ministry/life. Since I was typing it last minute I did not get to really reflect on the whole thing and thought this would be a good space to do that.

Here are the questions I put in my paper. I'm willing to change the questions. These came to me with 40 minutes left to write the paper. Some of them are tailored specifically for my needs (and how ADD I am), others are general.
  1. Did I listen for God’s voice rather than letting my own thoughts and concerns govern whether or not I ministered to others?
  2. Did I love people as God loves them? Meaning, was I present with them? Did I see them with all the dignity that he does?
  3. Did I seek to grow in all the ways God revealed to me?
  4. Did I encourage others with grace to grow the way God revealed to them?
  5. Did the use of my authority encourage growth in God, or did it push others away from God?
  6. Did I find ways to involve others in the leadership of the church?

I'm curious to see what other questions people are asking themselves.


brad said...


now you've got me thinking joshy boy. i'll have to get back to you on this one.


brad said...

did i love well

Josh said...

would you want to develop that?

brad said...


did i love my God well...

obedience, trust, worship

did i love my family well...

even in the places that are too dark but recognized in the deep intimacy of relationships.

did i love my fellow humans well...

the ones i love being with and the ones that turn my stomach.

did i love creation well...

what can i say, i'm becoming green:)

there is more to elaborate here, but i don't want to rush that just now. i'll come back to this hopefully.

Josh said...

i wonder if there should be any questions about a life of forgiveness.

did i forgive others?

did i hold grudges?

did i attempt to live at peace with all people?

did I attempt to invite others into a generous way of life following Christ?

did I listen to what others had to say to correct or guide me?