Monday, March 19, 2007

Ah Friends

So my good friends, Nate and Sam joined Aubrey, Cadence and me for the weekend. It's good to have friends like these. Here's a pic of us on our way for some good ole' downhill sledding


Tim Miller said...

The beard is good. You could be a ship's captain with that.

Josh said...


that guy with the beard is somebody that sam and nate found hitch-hiking on the way over to PA.

they tied me up and left me in the trunk.

brad said...


love the beard. good work, i'm truly impressed. i'm thinking of dreading mine a bit.


Josh said...

you should dread it. dread it like crazy.

i'd like to grow mine long enough to do a beard come-over. maybe you should do that too.

Jessica said...

we went to Maine last month, and a few of us ENCers took cafeteria trays and sledded down this wicked steep hill. it was INTENSE!
anyway, you are here at FOL so you aren't going to get this till next week anyway haha