Tuesday, December 12, 2006

what if...

what if love was the hallmark of the church?

what if people left the church because the community loves so much?


Anonymous said...

this is going to sound ridiculous, but i know people who already left the church community because it loves too much. the problem is, they were concerned that other people weren't being asked to 'leave' the church community because of their 'inappropriate' actions.

IE: 'john' should be asked to leave our church because john had an affair. and if you don't ask him to leave, i'm going to leave.

the church chose love and grace (albeit confronting the situation) and the latter chose to leave the church...well...because of the love and grace shown.

(the example given did not happen in my congregation, but you get my point. other similar situations have happened in a body of believers i've been in community with in the past).

Josh said...

yeah, that's what i'm talking about.

my question is this...how do we move a group in that direction?

is it possible to take an already existing group of people, or does a new community need to be formed?

i would say that it's possible both ways, because it's not as much about the people as it is about the love of God moving among the people. that's where transformation comes from...even in places where it looks like it might never happen.