Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vacation Foto Time 2

And now more photos...

Me and my sis, Susan, before she heads off to work...she's cool.

Aub's family came and visited on friday...quite the fun time. That's Mark and Diana right there.

This is a scary photo of my parents, but fun anyway. Not sure what are in my mother's hands. Oh yeah, those are crispy crappy hotdogs. And in her other hand is the pasta salad we ate all week. Thank God for leftovers.

This is me during our levitation ceremony. I got pretty high before my mom broke her concentration and dropped me 10 feet onto the deck.

Actually, this is me jumping into the great river. Boy, what a riot. I actually did this jump like 5 times before we got the actual air shot. Not that I am complaining... And this is Mark on the kayak that we bent in half trying to empty it of the water we had logged in it.

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