Monday, July 17, 2006

Book Review and Recommendation

So I've journeyed into reading a book written by a friend of my father, and now a friend of mine, Jeff Edmondson.

The Premise:

We are all called by God to something that takes guts. Through prayer, scripture reading, asking friends, and obedience, we will find our place in God's great story, carrying out his dream for the world.

The Highs:

I loved his stories. Jeff does an excellent job at getting to the point through bringing the Bible to life. It felt a little like Ray Vander Lann's 'Echo's of His Presence' at times.

Having questions at the end of each chapter, allows the reader to really engage with the concepts that Edmondson is putting out there. And most of the time, the questions weren't cheesy (always a fear)! They took the reader farther.

I felt that Edmondson offered quite a bit of hope for all of us, in following the way of Jesus.

In dealing with the question of evil, Jeff doesn't try to give exact reasons for the source, just that it happens. he doesn't try to pass it off on others or put all the blame on me and you, but says the real test is what we do with what we're given.

The Lows:

I think the main point of it all, found in chapter 12, was delivered too late. The main point is this: "Everything must be filtered through love of God and our neighbor." I wish that this had come up before the closing of the book.

Best Quote:

"God is looking for those with the guts to allow him to move in during tragic times, to bring healing to pain and suffering, to bring love to the unloved, to bring justice to the maligned. He is searching for those who, during their times of weakness, will turn to Him, allowing Him to show His incredible compassion for their situation. God is looking for those who will choose to allow Him to prove how powerful He actually is. He's desperately seeking those who will free Him to display His perfected power during their times of weakness."

Who I'd give it to:

Graduating High School Seniors

Peeps in their 20's who are trying to figure out where to go in life

Anybody who likes Jeff Edmondson

Small Group Leaders

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