Thursday, July 06, 2006

Facelift for the Lady

Well, I think the French will be mad about this one.

But if all mega churches spent their money in this way, I guarantee the world would be a better place.


Jordan said...

oh that is sad

Josh said...



Kipper said...

Just out of curiosity, how does a statue that, most likely, was created with deliberate offensiveness in mind (based upon the newspaper ads), make the world a better place?

I'm going with Jordan's "sad" verdict...wtih perhaps a hint of tragedy adjectively attached.

Josh said...

kipper, isn't it so obvious?

everyone who walks by this glorious statue will be filled with an overwhelming sense of "whoa, that's green" and fall on their faces. they'll go home to their loved ones and give them big hugs. and they may even give an arch card to a homeless dude before they get home.

Josh said...

in all reality i think it was a waste of money.

Sam said...

Whatever, that thing is awesome! You guys ever see the monstrous "arm of god at the church outside of Cincinnati? Wow. 'nuff said