Tuesday, February 09, 2010

WILAS (What I Love About Snow)!

So, I went to Florida last week and missed "Snowmaggedon" (check out the other names suggested for this), but arrived in time for this week's crazy storm. I know some folks aren't too keen on the abundance of snow, the coldness that accompanies it and the treacherous driving conditions that it provides, but I am a huge fan of snow! So here's a quick list, not in any order of What I Love About Snow:

Most of the time it's edible.
It's like a blanket.
You can make an igloo with it.
It can be formed into a throwing object.
It's flakes travel miles just to land.
It melts into icicles.
It can shut down entire cities.
It makes people drive slow.
You can sled on it. (And make ramps with it!)
Snow Angels!
It floats to the ground.
Snow Forts!


Amber Cullum said...

I am glad you all made it home safe. Ohhh, how I love snow. I love how it makes the world seem so silent.

Josh Kleinfeld said...

Amber: Yes, so so quiet. Serene.