Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some www wanderings...Francis Chan and Children Labeled 'Bipolar' 02.10.2010

So, I really like Francis Chan. He's the pastor of Cornerstone Church (cool website, btw) in CA, and author of some cool books including an interactive one called Crazy Love (check it out at Amazon, but if you're gonna buy it new, but it from Hearts and Minds). But I don't get to hear him often. Last I heard him was at Nazarene Youth Conference 2007 and that was a blast.

But I stumbled across somebody's sermon notes from his session at Verge2010. My favorite line: "Be courageous – Biblically. Erase what you’ve seen everywhere else – and just go to the Bible. Don’t just go around to other patterns – to tweak what other people are doing. Have the courage to read the Bible and do what it says."

I also heard that Flannel (the guys who do Rob Bell's Nooma's) is putting out a new series featuring Francis Chan! I'm looking forward to these and will most likely feature them in our Sunday morning format with our teens!

In other news: the diagnosis for children who show symptoms of bipolar is being reconsidered. It will be interesting to see how this plays out...In between all the posts on this crazy winter weather, I found this post.


Jacob Detroy said...

Francis Chan seems to be the cats meow these days. I need to read some of his stuff soon, or else . . . I may be late to the party.

I am wondering if I could pick your brain on the notes the person took of Chan's sermon. How does one go about "doing" what the bible says? I am curious to know what is meant by "erase what you've seen anywhere else - and just go"? This sounds dangerous. How would someone know what to do if they didn't have help in interpreting what the bible is asking us to do?

I don't mean to split hairs but I would like to know what you think about people reading the bible, community, interpretation, and doing stuff.

~ Thanks.

Josh Kleinfeld said...

I hadn't connected Chan and cats, but I think I will now! I haven't read any of his stuff, but know some of my friends who have been encouraged/challenged by his writings.

Please pick my brain. In light of what the conference was, I'm guessing he's challenging those people to stop looking for the latest-greatest plan/idea for church. It may be a critique of those who see something that "works" for one church and attempt to just lift it to their own congregation to get the same results, putting the focus on the practice rather than the mission/vision/drift/heart of God.

What thinks you?

Doug Paul said...

I think Francis Chan is taking over the traditional "Noomas" that Rob Bell has done and Rob is stepping over to do some video shorts on Doctrine. Should definitely be interesting. ;-)

On another note...take a look at this short article that Francis wrote in November. Know anyone that's doing stuff like this? ;-)

Doug Paul said...

Ok, apparently blogger doesn't want to let me put the full URL.

Google "The Comfortable Substitute" and Francis Chan and read the article.

Josh Kleinfeld said...

So, are Nooma's done?

I'll be interested to see/hear the doctrine stuff from him.

Here is Chan's thing: does sound familiar, bro...hmmm...

Josh Kleinfeld said...

Ha! I got stunned too!

Jake, this article may be more helpful for understanding what Chan means by "doing what the Bible says."