Friday, March 14, 2008

Why I Love Hearts and Minds

We have a locally owned bookstore in town called Hearts and Minds. It's located in Dallastown, about 30 minutes from my house, but I love to get down there when I have the chance.

So here is why I love the place...

In a thoughtful and candid post, the owner Byron Borger explains to his readers/customers why he supports the emergent conversation and how the movement connects to his own story. As usual his post is laden with excellent book recommendations. It's almost an autobiography of the books that have shaped his approach to following Jesus.

As you read the post you realize that Byron doesn't just sell books, he actually reads them and allows the thoughts from the authors to affect the way he sees the world.

That's why I love the place.

And when I have a question about a certain topic, Byron will give me a list of books, with a brief blurb on each. Being so informed has made purchasing books from Hearts and Minds both engaging and enjoyable.

So, if you have five minutes, I highly recommend reading the post. And if you have more time, check out some of his other posts.


Jonathan Mills said...

Josh -

I got to meet Byron last weekend at the "Everything Must Change" conference in Vienna, VA. And I agree with you - he doesn't just sell books, he actually reads them and is more than willing to sit and dialog about them. He's a GREAT resource!

In fact, the only book I bought last weekend was Scot McKnight's "A Community Called Atonement" on your recommendation. Can't wait to dig in!

Hearts and Minds is on my list of stores to get to the next time I'm up your way! I might bug you for directions ...



Josh said...


How cool that you were able to meet Byron.

Did you enjoy the conference? I haven't spoken to anybody who's been and am curious.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Scot's book. I think it provides good conversation fodder and also proposes a challenging directive in how we live out atonement. Though, it's getting mixed reviews from the folks who are reading it and dialoguing about it here.

And if you're up my way and have some time, I'd be happy to give you the directions and maybe even grab a cup of coffee (or tea or milk).



jonathan mills said...

Josh --

Some day I'll take you up on your offer.

The EMC conference was very good. McLaren was very challenging and did a good job encapsulating the book. The best part was on Saturday when they highlighted some "churches" or ministries that are meeting needs and challenges in creative ways. One group was an ESOL class that developed a green plan for the church that hosted their classes. Another was a church from DC whose network of small groups communities around the District combine their finances to help each member live comfortably according to the model we see in the book of Acts. Another gentleman presented his ministry of protecting a stream in his neighborhood.

I left the conference with a lot of great ideas for how to do and be church differently.

Some of the sponsors include fair trade/just trade coffee, Sierra Club, the One Campaign, Mars Hill Graduate School, Emergent Village.

I made contact with several Nazarene pastors including Bryan Todd from NJ.

I also made contact with a pastor from my corner of the world (Wilmington, DE) and we are going to try and start an Emergent Cohort in our area.

Met folks from as far away as Canada.

All in all, a great weekend.


Josh said...


Please...take me up on the will be good.

Glad to hear that the event was quality. The stories are always the best part.

I'm interested to see which ideas find root in your community. Keep me posted.

Bryan he the guy who taught at Pastor and Spouses Retreat? I liked him.

Canadians...what could be better? :)

There are rumblings about a Naz Emergent Gathering...soon...


jonathan said...

Yeah, Bryan is the guy from retreat. His grandfather is a long-time member of my church.

I also ran into Mark Garrett and Rob Kazee as well as Jeremy and Jeff Scott from Boston. So, if you're keeping score, that's 6 Nazarene pastors that I counted.

Keep me posted on what you hear about a Naz Emergent Gathering.