Wednesday, March 19, 2008

from I, Francis

Some thoughts that I thought were appropriate for our week.

"Jesus' cross was humanity's happiness, love's answer to all the whys, the resolution of every conflict, the overcoming of every tension and polarization, God's victory over death."

If the Son of God had died on the cross, I was saved.

All sadness would have to be banished.

Every one of us was lord of the world.

Every pauper was rich.

Every heart was satiated.

Every project was possible." p15

"Do you not know that my Most High Lord is God's Son?

And do you not know that he became a human being, and as if that had not been enough, a poor person? And how poor he became!

Just see how poor he is. He has nothing left at all.

He, the creator of heaven and earth, has himself come among us.

He did not send someone else, he came himself!

He did nothing to get himself accepted in the high places, nor did he bring anything along to make himself more comfortable.

He did not hide behind the wall of his might and his divinity; he accepted life as the last and least of us.

He was God and he became the poor one among us, the weak one, the wounded one, the calumniated one, the imprisoned one, the condemned one!" p16-17

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