Monday, June 12, 2006

My Last Two Weeks in pictures

Went to Aubrey's sister's graduation Party. Before which, Dad in Law had to tie Jeff's (Diana's boyfriend) tie,
During which bro-in law, Mark and I had a fun time with chocolate strawberries.
And then our summer intern, Melissa arrived.
And we had our annual tailgate party (welcoming the new 6th graders)
with plenty of good food
and what party would be complete without hot dog launching?
In addition to the funness, Aubrey and I had a scare with the baby, but thank God everything is OK. I felt a little like Abraham, wondering what God was going to do next, with the only available option being to trust Him with my child's life.


Jessica said...

Hey wait! I know Melissa! She goes to ENC with me! oh man Nazarenedom=small.

Josh said...

yes, quite small.