Friday, June 30, 2006

It must not go out!

Leviticus 6. Priests instructed to not let the fire on the altar go out. The command is repeated within two verses.

For some reason, this verse has been banging around in my head ever since I read it 4 weeks ago.


{jeff edmondson} said...

Uhm...maybe that's because Israel let the fire go out. And God re-lit the fire years later through the Holy Spirit. The whole Tongues of Fire thing on Pentecost. You know the gig. Josh, maybe God's calling you to light a fire in your walk with him and to never let it go out. Or maybe you just had nachos with habinaro peppers on it a few weeks ago and you're still feeling the heat. Who can say with these things that gnaw at our inner being. Maybe it's spiritual. Maybe its just bad gas.

Josh said...

to quote Rob Bell: "everything is spiritual"...does that mean, bad gas is spiritual?

anyway, i think the spirit brings things up in our spirits on purpose. i'm just wrestling through this...what does it look like for me to tend the fire in my own life? what does it look like for me to tend the fire in the lives of others? what does it look like for me to "fan the flame", if you will?