Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Woes

I was reading through Luke the other day and was reading about Jesus' woes he gave to the cities and to the teachers of his day. It got me thinking.

I wonder what the woes would be today. I wonder what Jesus would speak out against here. I think we might be surprised to find ourselves somewhere on the list.

I thought of a couple woes...I might be wrong, because I don't have the big picture like Him, but I'll take a stab at it...If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them. If you think I'm wrong, or you have some woes you'd like to give, i'd like to hear that too. And since all is not lost I think we might have a list of beautitudes coming up too.

Woe to you conservatives who make the gospel of Christ so exclusive that people have to clean up before they can enter the fellowship.

Woe to you liberals who are so willing to open the gates of heaven that you don't speak truth that changes people.

Woe to you people in the middle of the road who don't take a stand for anything. You'll be blown over when you're finally put to the test.

Woe to you church for making the small things the big things, and for missing the point of Christ's life: redemption for all people from sin.


Kipper said...

Woe to you who are more concerned with attaining heaven than bringing heaven to earth...for you will know neither.

Woe to you who value doctrines over people...for you will be worthless.

Woe to you who cannot love your own for you will never know love.

Woe to you who rubber-stamp your opinions with "God wills it"...for you have missed the Idea.

Brian said...

I find it quite fascinating that "woes" for Jesus only went to those who were of the "should know better" crowd and never for those outside who didn't know. How quick we are to woe others.

Kipper said...

I also find it interesting that Jesus said "woe" in the sense that He pitied and ached for them, almost as if their woe was his. What a shame that we so rarely sense that woe is usually shared in one way or another by even those who reveal it.

Josh said...

I should also probably have a section where we talk about what God celebrates...I don't want to be the hater guy...but I think it's a good question to just sort through.

I want be a guy who loves what God loves and hates what God hates.