Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Quick Trip to VA

Well, Aubrey has Spring Break this week, so to celebrate before we head off to Festival of Life, we went down to VA for a couple days. And what fun it was.

We couldn't have asked for better weather. We even came back with sunburn!

But we got to go to our friend's service at Southside Nazarene. Their service is called Ephesus and it was great to be there with them. It's cool to see my high school friends leading others in a revolution to be followers of Christ.

We were able to go to some places where we had gone on dates (Maymont Park) and were able to hang with our families (my parents are in town for a while). That was really great! And I got to help my brother in law with his English project (a hilarious video comedy of the Odyssey). All in the span of two days. What fun.

So, tomorrow we'll head to Boston with our teens for Festival of Life. Should be nice to connect with our teens in a concentrated manner...but crazy no sleep...also should be cool, because the good friend, Brian Hull will be up there too!

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