Monday, March 28, 2005

The First

Well, this is my first official posting on my very own blog spot. We'll see how this runs.

I'd like to thank Brian Hull for getting me into this. Maybe I shouldn't thank him.

Current Thoughts: Beyond the ordinary

I gave a brief synopsis of our passion play at church on Saturday. Throughout the play one character referred to Jesus as "extra-ordinary". So, when I got up to conclude the evening I talked about how God has created a way to a life beyond the ordinary. But afterwards while I was eating at Ruby Tuesdays with Aubrey, I began thinking about my comments. I began to wonder if Jesus really came for us to have an "extra-ordinary" life.

I wonder if Jesus came to show us what ordinary really is. I wonder if he came to point out that we are living far below what we are intended to live. Perhaps our ordinary is not ordinary at all. Perhaps it is sub-ordinary, an existence that floats beneath the reality God intended us to live. Perhaps the life of heaven is the ordinary life and we miss out on it right now because of that darn sin.

If this is so, I desire to live the life of heaven, the one that is beyond the sub-ordinary. But how?

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