Thursday, December 02, 2010

Verse and Voice 12.02.2010

"Get up and pray for help all through the night. Pour out your feelings to the Lord, as you would pour water out of a jug. Beg [the Lord] to save your people, who are starving to death at every street crossing."
- Lamentations 2:19
"We must move away from asking God to take care of the things that are breaking our hearts to praying about the things that are breaking God's heart."
- Margaret Gibb

We pray today for the victims of violence and war. We ask your healing, O Lord, for those who have been wounded in body, hurt emotionally, and broken spiritually. For the refugees who have been forced out of their homes because of war and destruction, we ask your protection and guidance. Amen.

A good word from the Sojourners Verse and Voice blog found here.

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