Monday, October 11, 2010

Top Moments from Fall Retreat 2010!

Top Moments from Fall Retreat 2010

1.      The crazy mingle game while waiting for the buses to arrive at Stillmeadow
2.      Having both Stillmeadow campuses worship and play together
3.      The prayer stations
4.      Watching kids play in the creek
5.      When one of the boys brought over a roasted crawdad
6.      Playing Taboo outside with a ton of people
7.      Hearing the bell ring during the prayer stations
8.      The sound of George’s coffee pot in the morning after a short night’s sleep
9.      The Warm Fuzzy encouragement bags!
10.  Hearing the bold prayers around the campfire on Saturday night
11.  Communion on Sunday morning

This is just a start…I’d love to hear of some more from my facebook friends!

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