Monday, January 26, 2009

Master of Molecules

He’s the…
Master of Molecules
Igniter of Fireflies
Designer of Romance
Scooper of Valleys
Stacker of Mountains
Scatterer of Stars
Inventor of Inventors
Flattener of the Plains
Spinner of planets
Former of hearts

He’s the…
Painter of the skies
Planter of Redwoods
Source of beauty
Stretcher of giraffe necks
Sharpener of Shark Teeth

He’s the…
Instigator of Love
Imaginator of Imaginations
Architect of Snowflakes
Hanger of Holly Berries
Thrower of Lightening Bolts
Conductor of Electricity

He’s the…
Originator of airwaves
Organizer of color spectrum
Orderer of the seasons
Shaper of human desires
Constructor of butterfly wings
Infuser of Laughter
Weaver of fields
Author of reality

He's the...
Writer of the song of life
Creator of all things
Composer of roses
Blacksmith of volcanoes

He's the...
Engineer of waterfalls
Poet of the heavens
Playwright of the earth
Maker of protons
Initiator of electrons
Director of ocean currents
Producer of gravity
Manufacturer of coffee beans
Multiplier of cells
Cultivator of scientific laws
Supply of solar energy
Cause of Cheesemaking


Timothy Miller said...

Please tell me you wrote that! If so, bravo and encore!

Josh said...


It was the starting point for one of my recent sermons on creation.

I stole the term "Master of Molecules" from Dallas Willard's Divine Conspiracy. And a couple of the lines came from our youth intern, Holly, and another line came from our sound tech, Jonathan.

I have another list of descriptive nouns that I'd love to fill up with more aspects of creation and would love to take more ideas. so if you have anything you'd like to add, please please do.

Padraic said...

The IT of all technology
the maker of clocks
the frustrater of planned trips (maybe not)