Thursday, May 29, 2008

taking Jesus to the darkest places

Challenging thoughts here.

"Can you imagine an anarchistic band ever saying, “We’re not an anarchistic band. We’re just a band of people who happen to be anarchists. We don’t want to push anarchy on people. We just want people to see anarchy in our lives”? If everyone else can speak clearly and give their ideas without restraint, how come Christians always feel like they have to keep silent, especially when there is so much authority in their message?

"Jesus is looking for artists who are willing to tell people the truth, for musicians who are willing to go into these dark places and not hide their message, for people who will live lives of power, not just talk."

Andrew Jones interviewed David Pierce a man with a heart of youth who are searching for meaning and ultimately for God.

David Pierce plays with No Longer Music.

Check out their videos.

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