Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jesus and Time

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus ever had to schedule out his week and if he did what it was like.

“Well, let’s see. I think I’ll walk on water on Monday and feed 5000 people, plus women and children on Tuesday—no, that won’t work, because I’m healing that blind guy on Tuesday and arguing with religious hypocrites—I guess I can fit feeding 5000 people on Monday—then since Tuesday is already booked I need to visit my mother on Wednesday and help that lame guy walk—oh yeah I can’t forget that dead girl I’m gonna bring back to life…that will have to be plugged into Wednesday as well—and Thursday looks like a good day weather-wise to do a little teaching on the mountain…that will probably take all day, so I probably can’t exorcise any demons until Friday—that activity will take all morning, so I can probably do some more teaching until the Sabbath comes at sundown.”


Timothy Miller said...


Sam said...

"and I'll be unreachabe between Good Friday and Easter..."

Josh said...

I was wondering how I could include any references to carrying a cross or getting beat up or mocked.

The whole point...I think Jesus lived ready for any of these things to happen.

I want to live like that.

brad said...

do you think that means we need to schedule less? and just 'be' with people more?

or do we simply be where we are during our schedule instead of looking to the next thing?

i don't know, but your post is stimulating.


Josh said...


I think it is all the above.

If we really want to enter the conversation, we'd have to examine the typical schedule of a Jew at that time. The events that they had were pretty much established by the regular feasts and celebrations in addition to the weddings and funerals. So in a sense there was a schedule that many adhered to.

But in America (and maybe in other parts of our world)...we don't have a corporate rhythm. Certainly we have events like Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day. But I don't think we are as syncopated.

I wonder if such a corporate rhythm aids in a more "balanced" approach to life.