Monday, October 01, 2007

Ah spoons and independence

Our baby is on her way to independence.

I think if she were to put a post on here it'd be something like this:

Well, my parents finally let me feed myself today. They're still scooping for me, but I'm putting the spoon in my mouth on my own. Soon I'll be working with Rachel Ray!

I love to read. But actually, I love it when my parents read to me. And I love to turn the pages before they're done and then turn back to the page where we were once they start the next page. It gets them confused. And even better are the books that have thick pages. Oh, I love to get my tiny little fingers on those. But best of all, the best books are the ones I get to put in my mouth. Mmm.

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Sam said...

that's great man. It's good to see and hear the joy