Sunday, May 06, 2007

Teachings To Tune In To

As I prepared to teach my section on social gospel, my friend Doug recommended that I listen to Tim Keller's thoughts on justice that he heard from a teaching Tim did at the Reform and Resurge conference in 2006. I first listened to his thoughts on justice and was very encouraged and slightly blown away with his exploration of scriptures take on justice. And so I went and listened to his Church in Culture teaching too. Apparently Church in Culture was the first teaching and richly informs his teaching on justice.

He has some very interesting thoughts on why Christians ought to live in cities and on why justice is important to have imbedded within all we do as Christ followers.

Resurgence is kindly making these teachings available for free, so I thought I'd link them here.

Being the Church in our Culture
Preaching the Gospel
Doing Justice


Eric said...

Heh, this has nothing to do with anything, but oh well. I was reading back to one of your older posts where you talked about the game line rider ( that games great. i play it all the time in my word processing class when i should be doing work. they came out with a new version of it with an eraser and other neat stuff. random, but fun. :P

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Josh said...


i love that linerider game, but sadly i can't figure out how to find it again.

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