Monday, January 22, 2007

Saints and Stains

Reading The Holy Longing by Ronald Rolheiser for a seminary course...there were sections of the book that left me feeling naked and cold and other sections that warmed me to the core.

One section that did both to me was the chapter of the book dedicated to the community of faith. Here are some thoughts spawned from it...

In the church we have saints and stains. We have the greatness of God and the fraility of humanity. We have a peace that lasts and the daily grind that disrupts any efforts for peace. We have the promise of forgiveness and the continuing selfishness that builds bitterness and emotional distance.


Scott said...

Josh -
I've heard The Holy Longing is good stuff...are you taking Spiritual Formation? I hope you enjoy your class this time around.

Did you get the "steps to having your prayers answered" right for the evangelism class? Because, golly jeepers, if you don't, then all is lost.

Josh said...

taking the class that replaced spiritual called personal and spiritual development of the minister. this means that i get to take tons of tests about my personality and morality. super fun!

no steps yet...but i'm waiting.