Monday, August 28, 2006

seminary begins...

and so it begins...

today marks the first day of seminary learning and shaping for me.

the first class: Evangelism Through the Local Church with Lyle Pointer

the texts:

Reaching Generation Next by Lewis Drummond
Building a Contagious Church by Mark Mittelberg
Evangelism in Everyday Life by Lyle Pointer and Jim Dorsey
Better than Imagined by Lyle Pointer

stated objectives:

1. to possess a working knowledge of a Gospel presentation
2. to grasp the NT principles of evangelism
3. to articulate the relationship of the church to the world
4. to grasp the sociological aspects of church growth
5. to attempt to lead someone to Jesus Christ and to nurture that convert
6. to think critically and prayerfully about one's personal philosophy and practice of evangelism

i'm very interested to see what's going to happen through this course and to see how i will be shaped, especially in light of our conversations on Christianity Rediscovered...


Alison said...

How is it that I didn't know that you were going to seminary? Was I really not paying attention or what? Let me know how you like it, I'm looking into graduate school myself, it's always good to have a firsthand opinion to consider

daveapplegate said...

i'm interested to hear what you learn on #2.

Josh said...

are you now, dave?

we haven't really gotten into it yet, but i am guessing that it's mostly about how the NT peeps were consumed with living like Jesus and inviting others into the Jesus life.